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What you should look for in a vacation home

The search for the perfect location for your second home is over. The Coachella Valley has got it all – warm weather, outdoor adventures, and a few places to kickback and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. There’s no doubt that the Coachella Valley is one of the best spots that you could purchase your dream vacation home. With so much to choose from in a playful hideaway, I’m going to help you dial in the dos and don’t of desert vacation home-buying.

Basic Necessities

What makes a vacation home a true getaway? What will feel like an escape from the daily grind? Looking for a place with a pool? How about space for a game room? What amenities are available with this purchase? Buying a home can be overwhelming, but when you are investing into a second house, make sure it comes with everything you’re looking for out of a vacation spot.

The Weather

You never know when you’ll find time in your schedule to take a weekend trip to the vacation house. When the time comes, will the weather permit a relaxing stay? One of the best parts of desert living is the unlimited sunshine available nearly every day of the year. Regardless of whether you’re planning a summer break trip, or a weekend in January, the weather here will always allow for a nice, relaxing stay.

Safety and Security

One of the most important aspects you should take into consideration when buying a second home is the safety and security of the location. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a home within a gated community or a spot in busy downtown, you should always consider security when choosing a home. With your vacation home, you’re not going to be there every day. You’ll want to make sure your belongings are safe and protected, even when you’re not on the property. Ask your agent about the different security options and consider upgrading to a security system if necessary.

Activity Possibilities

In reality, you’re not just buying a home; you’re investing in a new and exciting city to escape when you’re looking to getaway. What allows you to unwind? The Coachella Valley is filled with relaxing spas, world-famous golf courses, family-friendly spots, and outdoor adventures just waiting to be had. Your vacation house should truly be a home away from home. Invest in a place that checks all of the boxes and really has what you’ll be looking for when you step away from your daily life. If you’re interested in finding a second home in the Coachella Valley, I’d love to find the perfect place for you. Give me a call at 760.960.0381 to discuss your options.

Brandi Pratt - realtor in La Quinta, CA
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