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How to get your home ready to show

Make sure your home is tidy and neat. Wipe down counters, pick up any trash or garments on the floor. The kitchen and bathrooms are of highest priority when it comes to cleaning. People will remember a dirty kitchen and bathroom more than any other room or area of the home.


In addition, the outside of your home should be manicured and maintained. Mow your lawn, trim any trees or shrubs that are getting out of control, and pull out any weeds. The outside of your home sets the tone immediately and is vital for creating “curb appeal”.

Remove Personal Items

Take down any personal/family photos or items that may put your privacy or identity at risk. Also, you want the prospective buyer to be focusing on the great qualities of your home, rather than being distracted looking at pictures of you and your family. With no or a minimal amount of personal photos, it is easier for the prospective buyer to envision themselves living in your home and viewing it as theirs.


Any and all pack rat tendencies need to go! Throw away, donate, or sell items you no longer use or want. Clutter can make your space look and feel smaller than it actually is and can be a real turnoff to a prospective buyer. As a real estate agent, we want to show your home in the best way and give you the best price for your home. Clutter in your home can seriously reduce your chances of selling. Plus, once you have cleared out some of your things, you will have less to pack, move, and unpack once your home sells.


Make sure your home is free of any offensive odors. Open windows and doors to circulate fresh air throughout your home. Air out the house to remove any strong or unpleasant odors. If you would like, bake something that appeals to the senses to attract potential buyers. A freshly baked tray of chocolate chip cookies will likely keep them in your home longer and will leaving a lasting memory in the mind.

Remove Pets

To give the people viewing your home the best opportunity and experience, you need to remove your pets. Not everyone is an animal lover and some may have sensitive allergies to animals. Be courteous of others.


Staying in your home while it is being shown or during an open house can make prospective buyers uncomfortable or want to leave quickly. It is your best interest to leave and let the agent do their job as they are skilled and experienced in selling homes.

Brandi Pratt - realtor in La Quinta, CA
Brandi Pratt
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